Blowing Smoke



Blowing Smoke Pyrography

Blowing Smoke Pyrography is an extension of owner Vinetta Blow's art. She has been doing art in one form or another for 20 years.


Mrs. Blow discovered woodburning a couple of years ago and fell in love with the medium. She started out just doing things for friends and family then it progressed to where she was woodburning on furniture pieces that her husband made in his shop.


Mrs. Blow mostly does custom work and just whatever moves her. She recently did a series of bluegrass musician portraits for a festival her and her husband went to in Georgia.


Mrs. Blow loves this art form because it can be customized to what the customer wants. While she can do some freehand pieces, most of her items are traced and then burned. If it is wood, she can burn to it.


The only wood that Mrs. Blow does not use is pressure treated,  because of the chemicals they use to treat it.   Mrs. Blow's  favorite wood to burn on is basswood,  but she uses a lot of birch plywood.   Mrs. Blow's slabs are oak birch and sometimes cedar.


Mrs. Blow's items are on sale, you may visit our Store Here.